Honesty is the best policy. SILA shares how we lead not only in real estate sector, but also in soft services, by sharing an experience that took place in Mumbai International Airport, Terminal T2.

Honesty is the Best Policy as SILA excels in offering soft services

‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ was a case well proven by Suman Dhoiphode when she returned diamond rings worth lakhs to their rightful owners last year. Our team members stationed at the prestigious Mumbai International Airport Terminal T2 have given us another reason, again, to be proud.

Linda Williams leads accounts and administration at SILA Bangalore. A greatful team shares how effectively she leads from the top.

Meet Linda Williams From SILA Bangalore

Meet Linda Williams, who leads Accounts and Administration at SILA Bangalore. Delving deep into what inspires her, and drives her ahead at work.

In her own words:

What is your role in SILA?

My role focuses primarily on handling entire Administration and Accounts department for Bangalore City catering to SILA, Mr. Homecare and Envocare.

Envocare, I look into only Debtors Reco and Collections. At times, I do the Induction process as well, if instructed by HR for Bangalore New Joinees – White Collar Only. Also, I support the Bangalore Operations Team headed by Raghav , Saarang Ganapathi, Durgegowda, Rajesh Venkat and Janardhan.

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SILA shares insights on the facility management sector in India, and how it ensures better service delivery.

Understanding Facility Management Services

SILA is the one of India’s fastest growing facility management providers – with clients ranging from the pharmacy giants, premium commercial properties, exclusive gated communities to highly respected real estate developers. What has truly contributed to the growth is our focus on key differentiation, which leads to a superior customer experience.

Role of the Facility Manager

A Facility Manager has two key responsibilities to fulfill. The first one is meeting a customer’s strategic and tactical objectives. Since the department has an innate understanding of the state of infrastructure, a facility manager helps the end users understand the impact of their decisions on the manner in which provisions are stored, services are scheduled, costs are controlled and space is being managed. Operationally, a facility manager advises on ensuring a cost effective environment for everyone involved.

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SILA explains how it creates a strong differentiating factor through customer service in facility management.

How SILA leads with a Focus on Customer Service

Being in the services business comes with its own basket of wins and challenges. Facility management remains as core business for SILA. Our portfolio also includes project management, turnkey interiors, home services, pest control, housekeeping and soft services. Since all our businesses experience multiple touch points with customers, it is essential for us to understand customer service in all detail.

Marrying the Tangible and the Intangible

SILA deals with businesses and individuals. As a result, the requirements and expectations of our customers differ, and there is no standard template to follow. It is necessary for our front line to be conscious of changing requirements and deliver accordingly.

Every customer requires two aspects to be in order – the expected numbers and manners. Numbers are the tangible, and manners of a human being are an experience, thus the intangible. While the numbers can be controlled by a few at the top and thus managed, manners come naturally to a human being. Human are emotive beings. We employ thousands, and controlling emotions is not possible on an excel sheet. How then, do you ensure a consistent experience for your customer?

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SILA offers real estate services which includes facility management, project management, housekeeping and pest control.

The new breed of real estate services in India

Back when SILA started with facility management operations in April 2010, we had not expected that our culture would eat our strategy for breakfast. the fact that is has, speaks of our inclusion in the global movement that is revolutionizing work cultures. There has been a steady merger of organizational goals and people goals in companies, and this is making it easier for leaders to make decisions. The hunger in teams is evident, which can be effectively channelized for the organization’s betterment.

How SILA built a Portfolio of Real Estate Services

Over the next few years, we built a portfolio of real estate services companies. This included our core facility management business, housekeeping & soft services, project management services through CM&D SILA, pest control through Envocare and on demand home services through Mr. Homecare and Hammer and Mop. The intention has been to offer world class services to real estate properties under the same roof. Through our PMC entity we enter a project in the planning stage, take over its management just before handover and help out tiny commercial & residential properties with customized services. This allows SILA to offer end to end real estate services.

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast at SILA

Since the founders have been bankers, the foundation has a strong base of third party perspective helping the business. As the team grew, opportunities were offered to people who showed promise of the right attitude, as opposed to limiting them purely on the basis of educational qualifications. This allowed the necessary freedom and flexibility to experiment.

All organizations need inherent trust within teams – and by having faith in individual capacity to deliver, the founders were able to lead the way to defining how SILA does business. This culture of trust transcended boundaries and was lived by the field teams on sites – thus impacting customer experience in unimaginable ways.

As we build a business for the decades to come, we lay focus on people and technology. Looking forward :)

Deep Cleaning Homes & Offices

Deep Cleaning includes:                                                                                                                doc pic 1



  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming & Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Steel Polishing
  • Wooden Surface treatment

Areas Covered:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathroomsmachine
  • Living Rooms
  • Curtains
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Workstations
  • Cabins
  • Conference Rooms