SILA - a real estate services and property consulting company shares information about common myths about facilility manager.

Common Myths About Facility Manager

Modern office environment has evolved dramatically over the past few decades, roles and responsibilities are drastically changing, but unfortunately our concept of a facility manager has not changed. We still consider these professionals as someone who flies under the radar, who is unseen and less sociable as compared to the other roles in the real estate services sector.

But in today’s fast office space, the facility manager plays a much larger and much more diverse role. Facility manager is a great ally to have in a company, as working with them, you can ensure that your workplace is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. To understand their critical role, duties and responsibilities in the company, here are the top four common myths about a facility manager that need to be busted.

All They Do is Building Maintenance

Many people mistaken their definition of a Facility Manager, and associate with a maintenance professional. There is a drastic difference between both of them – a Facility Manager is responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the organization. Where as a Maintenance professional is the one who takes care of building maintenance. Continue reading →