SILA offers facility management and soft services to SMAAASH India.

Project Delivered: SMAAASH

Facility Management is all about people, technology & processes. Our focus on training, standardization, and human resource management has allowed us to build best in class processes and systems to better optimize our service delivery. At SILA, a software that allows our operating teams and clients is to optimize and monitor service delivery on-the-cloud.

Project Details

SMAAASH is a new sports-centric immersive and interactive entertainment hub in the heart of the City Mumbai. It is spread over 40000 square feet, offering a mix of active and passive entertainment, innovative games, interactive sports and socializing and eating areas. They also have 8 cricket nets spread over 2 floors, an F1 simulator and a soccer stadium to showcase the football skills. In addition to this, they also have an outlet for bowling, communicating and parties held as well.

Services at SMAAASH

SILA started servicing SMAAASH, located at Kamala Mills on April 1, 2013 with a team of 22 janitors headed by 2 supervisors and a team leader. SILA replaced a leading global service provider at the site. SILA currently provides facility management services at SMAAASH, with a focus on soft services. Continue reading →

SILA - a real estate services and property consulting company shares information about common myths about facilility manager.

Common Myths About Facility Manager

Modern office environment has evolved dramatically over the past few decades, roles and responsibilities are drastically changing, but unfortunately our concept of a facility manager has not changed. We still consider these professionals as someone who flies under the radar, who is unseen and less sociable as compared to the other roles in the real estate services sector.

But in today’s fast office space, the facility manager plays a much larger and much more diverse role. Facility manager is a great ally to have in a company, as working with them, you can ensure that your workplace is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. To understand their critical role, duties and responsibilities in the company, here are the top four common myths about a facility manager that need to be busted.

All They Do is Building Maintenance

Many people mistaken their definition of a Facility Manager, and associate with a maintenance professional. There is a drastic difference between both of them – a Facility Manager is responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the organization. Where as a Maintenance professional is the one who takes care of building maintenance. Continue reading →

Project Delivered: Alok Industries

A milestone is a hard and fast due date that represents a major accomplishment during the course of the project that is being managed. Sometimes these milestones represent the approval of a major component in the project, like approved testing of the product for release one. Milestones represent deliverables that are significant and must be accomplished over the course of the project.

Project Details

Alok Industries is one of the largest fully integrated textile companies in the world with a dominant presence in the cotton and polyester segments. Alok’s and has the largest textile manufacturing practice in India. Their manufacturing facilities are spread across the country, focused in Gujarat and Navi Mumbai.

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Honesty is the best policy. SILA shares how we lead not only in real estate sector, but also in soft services, by sharing an experience that took place in Mumbai International Airport, Terminal T2.

Honesty is the Best Policy as SILA excels in offering soft services

‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ was a case well proven by Suman Dhoiphode when she returned diamond rings worth lakhs to their rightful owners last year. Our team members stationed at the prestigious Mumbai International Airport Terminal T2 have given us another reason, again, to be proud.

Performance Management in the Real Estate Services Sector

Performance Management in the Real Estate Services Sector

There is a growing acceptance in the real estate services sector in the culture change being brought about across the world. The relationship between an employee and an employer is evolving and transcending levels, as the work life balance thins. It is an integral relationship which has never been as delicate, yet never been as strong before.

An Opportunity to Boost Productivity

This is an opportunity organizations in the real estate services sector should capitalize on. The work we have chosen to do is not easy, and ensuring that employees stay motivated is a task. Customer satisfaction depends greatly on the human capital being invested in, and it has the risk to be a vicious cycle.

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